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When does repayment of my loan start?

The first instalment should be paid before the course starts, and then you’ll pay monthly instalments until the loan is finished.

Can someone else pay on my behalf?

Yes, someone else can pay on your behalf, as long as they submit their documents, and fill in their details on the form. The loan will then be in their name.

I don’t have a fax machine or scanner, can I Whatsapp my documents in?

Yes, we do have a Whatsapp line that you can use for questions or document submitting. The number is 065 645 3492

Can I settle my loan early?

Many of our students see an increase in income after completing their course. If you find yourself in the position to settle your loan early you are welcome to do this with no penalty. Please email support@learningloans.co.za to request your settlement figure.

Can I start paying immediately for a course that only starts months away?

Yes, you can decide to make multiple payments before the course begins. Remember your first instalment is due prior to the course starting.



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